Sea cucumber consultancy has the latest technology to produce millions of tropical sea cucumber juveniles in a season
. . .
Sea cucumber consultancy has developed the hatchery technology for the tropical sea cucumber Holothuria lessoni (Golden sandfish)
. . .
Sea cucumber consultancy has established commercial sea cucumber hatcheries in three countries
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More than 1,250 known species of sea cucumbers in the ocean but around 35 species are edible
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Sea cucumber could retard aging, and act as antitumor and blood coagulation agent
. . .
Sea cucumbers are believed to be endowed with aphrodisiac powers and also reduce arthritis pain
. . .
Sea cucumber and its toxins are of great interest as drugs in pharmaceutical industry
. . .
The sea cucumber is rated with other delicacies, such as shark fin, abalone and bird’s nest
. . .
Sea cucumber is a disease preventive and longevity tonic, traditionally served as soup
. . .
Fully dried sea cucumber has high protein (83%) and less fat (2%)
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Analysis, Planning and Strategies

  • Sea cucumber Aquaculture Project Planning and Design
  • Feasibility Analysis and Site Evaluation
  • Product Specification and Materials Information
  • Product Evaluation and Acquisition
  • Marketing studies and assistance with product marketing strategies

Design, Production, and Management

  • Hatchery, Nursery and Grow out Design and Management
  • Development and Construction Supervision
  • Hatchery and Nursery Operation Management
  • Intensive Production Techniques
  • Personnel selection and Staff training
  • Project Start-up and Production technology Transfer
  • Aquaculture facility management and evaluation
  • Processing facility design and management
  • Comprehensive health management plans


  • Thorough analysis based on Decades of experience in Sea cucumber Aquaculture
  • Reduce costs through Efficiency
  • State-of-the-art Design and Management