Sea cucumber consultancy has the latest technology to produce millions of tropical sea cucumber juveniles in a season
. . .
Sea cucumber consultancy has developed the hatchery technology for the tropical sea cucumber Holothuria lessoni (Golden sandfish)
. . .
Sea cucumber consultancy has established commercial sea cucumber hatcheries in three countries
. . .
More than 1,250 known species of sea cucumbers in the ocean but around 35 species are edible
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Sea cucumber could retard aging, and act as antitumor and blood coagulation agent
. . .
Sea cucumbers are believed to be endowed with aphrodisiac powers and also reduce arthritis pain
. . .
Sea cucumber and its toxins are of great interest as drugs in pharmaceutical industry
. . .
The sea cucumber is rated with other delicacies, such as shark fin, abalone and bird’s nest
. . .
Sea cucumber is a disease preventive and longevity tonic, traditionally served as soup
. . .
Fully dried sea cucumber has high protein (83%) and less fat (2%)
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Sea cucumber Aquaculture Business Development

Sea cucumber Consultancy can assist you with all developmental stages of your commercial sea cucumber aquaculture business.

I. Prefeasibility study

It is the preliminary stage to the development of your sea cucumber aquaculture project. Initially a prefeasibility study is carried out to determine the scope of success for a potential sea cucumber business. During the study we test the suitability of the natural resources such as water, land, climate and other parameters of the proposed project sites, and verify for suitability.

II. Feasibility study

If the results of the prefeasibility study are favourable for the sea cucumber aquaculture then we will conduct a full feasibility study. In this step we develop an appropriate and site specific aquaculture system and forecast its production. Based on these we estimate the aquaculture facility construction cost and operational cost.

This detailed study, allows you to know the technical and economic aspects and to lay down the capital necessary for the investment as well as the profitability of your project. This study allows the elaboration of business plan and the documents essential to the granting of bank loans or financial organizations. The projects conception aims at minimizing the environmental impact in order to ensure sustainable aquaculture.

III. Sea cucumber farm design and Engineering

With your approval the actual design for the commercial sea cucumber aquaculture will start. Simultaneously with the feasibility study and detailed topographic study of the selected site, we ensure the design of the plans of your project and define the final project: plans of the hatchery, nursery, live feed production unit, water treatment systems, buildings, layouts of water and air distribution system etc... At this stage we also identify the final project cost.

IV. Aquaculture facility construction

Sea cucumber Consultancy can ensure the technical follow-up during the construction of the project, control the quality and the good execution of technical works. In addition we can assist you with the selection of the technical personnel suitable for the work and the start up of your farm.

V. Technology transfer

In order to safeguard the smooth operation of your facilities we can compile technical protocols and train the staff for hatchery, nursery and farm management. Further we can provide you technical support during the first production cycles of your farm.

Also we can assist you for the realization of technical handbooks adapted to your project, the improvement of the production strategies. By onsite visit, we may give our technical support at least until the first harvests.

VI. Management

Besides the design and construction of sea cucumber hatchery and farm, Sea cucumber Consultancy can assist you in the management of your hatchery and farm/ grow-out. We have the professional expertise and practical experience to manage hatchery systems as well as grow out system.

With a track record in aquaculture of over thirty years, Sea cucumber Consultancy has proven to be a reliable partner in hatchery, nursery and grow-out operations of commercially most important sea cucumbers.

VII. Technical advice, training and scientific back stopping

Sea cucumber Consultancy can help you make your business more profitable by providing you with technical assistance. We can do so by making assessments of the technical and management aspects of your farming operation and suggest improvements of your production protocols and management procedures.

If you wish we can conduct research and development projects at your hatchery. Further, we may assist you through scientific back stopping and search for and provisioning of products. We provide you the technical and management advices that will help you to find solutions with the problems that you meet in your aquaculture operation.

We can also give you courses of formal training adapted to your needs. This assistance is also provided by the exchange of emails and by phone chat.